Webster's Chalk Paint

         What is Websters?      

What in the world is Chalk Paint Powder???

Websters Chalk Paint Powder™ was created to answer the need for affordable chalk paint. Months and months They were trying to create a product that would eliminate the need for most sanding and priming. They wanted a paint that STUCK beautifully yet sanded smooth. Websters wanted a durable surface that was also “soft”. They wanted a healthy, all natural alternative to the home made recipes for chalk paint we were reading about. They developed Websters Chalk Paint Powder™! Websters is very proud of Websters and at Red Door we are  looking forward to sharing this product with you! 

Here is a great before and after pictures:
 Look at our very own before and after photos of a small curio we redid right here at Red Door

Want to learn more?
Watch this, a video on how to use Websters Chalk Paint Powder!!

Have you wondered how to distress Websters Chalk Paint Powder? 

How to use Websters Chalk Paint Powder on Metal? 

 How to seal Websters Chalk Paint Powder?

How to layer Websters Chalk Paint so that when you distress you get another color under your top coat.

COMING SOON, MORE VIDEOS ON HOW TO USE Websters Chalk Paint Powder!!


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